Interior Wood Finishes

WOCA (Tri Trap)

WOCA natural wood oil and stains, old-fashioned European wood soap and beeswax give a luxurious, natural glow to your wood floors, wood-panel walls and ceilings. Sometimes known as Swedish, Danish or Scandinavian finish, these products bring an old-world easy charm to your busy and hectic world

  • Wood Lye — a pre-treatment which transforms the tannic acid naturally found in soft woods, preventing them from yellowing.
  • Oil Treatment — impregnating the wood pores, the oil hardens and forms a hard-wearing, dirt and water resistant silky matt finish. Available in Natural, White or colours.
  • Soap — used as an old-fashioned finish or diluted, used for floor clean-up. Available in Natural or White.
  • Maintenance Oil — touch-up oil for previously treated wood.
  • Beeswax — a hand-rub treatment for a semi-gloss natural finish.
  • Wood Cleaner — formulated to clean without leaving a waxy residue.
  • Maintenance Paste — for touch-up repairs to an oil-finished floor.

In contrast to varnished or waxed floors the oiled wood floors remain flexible after the oil treatment. This keeps the wood healthy and elastic and the natural properties are maintained. Softwood floors may also be soaped – after priming with Wood Lye.  Maintenance and cleaning is a breeze.


Sasdura Floor and Wood Finish

SASDURA water-based urethane finish is the next generation of one-component water-based floor finishes.  The vehicle is hybrid urethane (NMP Free).The flow and levelling are similar to traditional oil-based urethane, while offering the odour and quick-drying advantages of water-based products.

Available in the following sheens:

#1090 – high gloss

#1035 – satin

#1070 – gloss

#1020 – matt

#1050 – semi-gloss

#1010 – flat


Floors should be treated with high wear resistant finish.

SASDURA water-based urethane provides protection, care and maintenance of the wood and is suitable for both hard wood and soft wood floors, as well as other interior wood such as kitchens, counter-top furniture, and doors.  Suggested markets:  sports, commercial and home flooring.

The increase in environmental awareness has demanded a need for water-based wood surface treatment.   SASDURA (H20) finish was developed to answer the need, delivering a high quality finish with the professional, supplying excellent flow, levelling, wear resistance, and excellent application properties.