Interior and exterior wood coatings and stains

The Sansin environmentally friendly coatings for wood protection work well in conjunction with Boracol and Impel (Boron) Rods, making the perfect match for long-lasting outdoor wood preservation. Sansin Classic formulas  are time-proven, protective coatings for log homes, fences, vertical siding, decks, and patio furniture, including interior and exterior surfaces

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Applied as directed, Sansin products will not crack, peel or blister. It gives dimensional stability to wood while allowing it to breathe, expand and contract with the seasons. Sansin products will beautify and enhance the colours and natural characteristics of any wood it is applied to

How it works

Carried deeply into wood creating a choice of natural transparent finish or a solid colour.

  • Contains a high level of solids that penetrate past the surface of the wood into the pores and become a permanent part of the substrate.
  • Once it dries, it repels water, yet allows the wood to breathe, expand and contract.
  • Can be applied to dry, damp or “green” wood (see directions)
  • Reduces moisture absorption
  • UV resistant, protects against the sun’s damaging ultra violet light.
  • Low odour, non-flammable.
  • Can be applied by sprayer, brush or roller

Product Features:

Water-borne natural oil finish

  • Penetrates deeply, bonds with wood
  • Natural oil based, yet water reducible.
  • Contains sunscreens, trans oxides, and /or UV stabilizers and absorbers to reduce damage due to climactic conditions.
  • Would not  peel or crack when properly applied

Sansin line of coatings, sealants and chinking are  formulated specifically for your wood-protection needs and   are engineered for unique specifications, whether for vertical surfaces which require a quick one-coat application for light traffic areas,  flat-deck high-traffic area applications which are prone to variable moisture contents, or special consideration for pressure treated lumber, Sansin performs with excellent UV and weather protection, which, when properly applied, will not crack, peel or blister.

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