Wood Preservatives and Protection

BORACOL is a liquid wood preservative in three formulas to meet particular wood preservation needs.Whether looking for a strong fungicidal, mouldicide or insecticide to kill attacks already in progress or seeking to protect new wood projects, one of the three environmentally responsible preservatives will effectively stop wood deterioration in its tracks.The main advantage of BORACOL is the ability to distribute the preservative through sapwood as well as heartwood.Very low toxicity to mammals.


  • Joinery and woodwork
  • Joist ends in brickwork, heads, rafters
  • Projecting beams and all types of structural timbers including those in marine environment, also wooden bridges
  • Window and door frames
  • Eradicate dry rot and other decay in wood
  • Against  insect attacks (including termites)

All of the Boracols are registered with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency  (PMRA),   the 20-2 is also registered with the U.S. Environmentally Protection Agency (EPA)  with the rest pending.BORACOL  liquid wood preservatives come in three formulas to meet your particular needs:

BORACOL 20-2  is the original Boracol.As a preventative, this wood preservative is a fungicide and insecticide.The 20-2 is also developed to eradicate dry, wet and white rot, fungal attacks and insect infestations which have already established themselves in building materials.(PMRA Reg.No 24493,  EPA Reg.No 73722-1)

BORACOL 20-2 BD like the original formula, is a wood preservative which is both a fungicide and insecticide, but with the added benefit of a mouldicide.Similar to the 20-2, this product can be used as an eradicant or in a preventative measure against fungal and insect attacks and preventing mould from developing on wood, stone and other absorbent surfaces. (PMRA Reg.No 25664)

BORACOL 10-2 BD is a wood preservative which is primarily a mouldicide, with fungicidal and insecticidal abilities.The 10-2 BD is designed to prevent fungal and insect attacks and mould growth in fresh wood, but with twice the mouldicide as in the Boracol 20-2 BD, it is highly effective in eradicating established mould, mildew, algae, and lichen on wood and stone as well as other absorbent surfaces.

Impel (Boron) Rods are highly concentrated, solid, water-diffusible borate ‘glass’ rods.Placement into the very heart of wood offers superior internal protection against fungal decay and insect attack.Activated in as little as of  25% wood moisture content, the preservative is drawn into the wood fibres, preventing and even eradicating fungus, mould and insect attacks.Use alone, or in combination with Boracol, for a complete protection system.The boron diffuses, or penetrates, into the wood (both heartwood and sapwood) by being drawn by the moisture naturally present in the wood, over several months

The Impel (Boron) Rods II for Utilities are registered with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency  (PMRA), Reg.No  21324.    

Product Features

  • Protection for deep inside the wood core — not a surface protectant
  • Available in various sizes  for different applications
  • Diffusible

CU-BOR pouches (wraps) is a patented Copper/Boron wood preservative.This product is a pre-manufactured pouch intended to treat the ground-line area of standing utility poles and posts.One of the most widely used supplemental wood pole treatments now available in a convenient slit and fit packaging.Cu-Bor is the first ready to use dual biocide product in Canada.The salt-based portion of the paste offers deep penetration into the pole and assists in moving the more permanent copper co-biocide.Cu-Bor also offers a very complete data package that proves superior performance.The highly effective active ingredients in Cu-Bor travel deep into the wood by diffusion (osmotic action).

Tim-Bor Professional  is a water soluble borate powder that diffuses into wood and acts as a wood insecticide, fungicide,  and preservative.This borate powder can be used a solution (mix with water and spray on wood) and can also  be used in its original dry formulation for treating attics, crawl spaces and wall voids.Wood treated with Tim-Bor Professional, is not suitable for ground contact applications and should be protected with a water repellent coating when used in exterior applications (e.g. joinery, fascia).

Other typical applications include trussed rafters, studding, cladding, and exterior joinery.For more information go directly to Nisus Corp