Fire Retardant Intumescent Treatment

FIRE SAFE 108 Wood… a ready-to-use, water-base intumescent fire retardant wood treatment. Formulated primarily for use as a Class A fire retardant treatment for fibrous cellulose material.

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FIRE SAFE 108 Wood Features:

  • Highly durable (can withstand over 1000 scrubbing cycles) 
  • Enhances wood lustre                
  • Complies with the standard method of testing for surfaces burning characteristics of building materials, CAN4-S102-M83   
  • Available as a wood stain  

Apply by brush, spray or dipping processes to a dry, oil free, dust free unfinished surface to allow FIRE SAFE 108 WOOD penetrate into the wood fibres.  To achieve a ULC Class A rating, three coats of FIRE SAFE 108 Wood should be applied at a rate of 7.7m2/L per coat.

If any top coat to be used check compatibility.

Use FIRE SAFE 108 Wood to treat:

  • Vertical and horizontal wood frames and studs
  • Wooden roof deck and trusses
  • Unsealed wall paneling
  • Wooden stairways and hallways
  • Base treatment for refinished surfaces
  • Others