About Us


Sasco Products Limited started its operations in 1978 in the province of Nova Scotia and was founded by Sam Sorensen.

Sam obtained his certificate of master painter from the Danish Technological Institute  in Copenhagen  where he learned the skills and techniques of gold leaf, grinding and mixing the paint. Sam immigrated  to Canada in 1951 and started to work as a painter in the province of Ontario and later on in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Sam has always been  keen to share his knowledge and expertise with other  colleagues and employees. In 1988 Lissi Jeppesen joined Sasco Products. Lissi is a Chemical Engineer and she has brought the technical expertise and vision to Sasco Products  in order to develop and promote green and water-based wood products.

Is to provide industry-leading products and services. Our goal is to deliver quality technical expertise and environmental responsible solutions with our customers as our priority.

We have a very well educated technical team to support and provide advice on our products in any situation